Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Prowl (2010)

"She was running from her life, now she's running for it."

Synopsis: Amber dreams of escaping her small town existence and persuades her friends to accompany her to find an apartment in the big city. When their transportation breaks down, she and her friends gratefully accept a ride in the back of a semi. But when the driver refuses to stop and they discover the cargo is hundreds of cartons of blood, they panic. Their panic turns to terror when the truck disgorges them into a dark, abandoned warehouse where blood-thirsty creatures learn to hunt human prey, which, the friends realize, is what they now are...

My Thoughts: I'm not the biggest fan of the vampire genre, especially all that True Blood/Twilight stuff. I prefer when they use the "30 Days of Night" psycho vampires. After watching the trailer, I knew this one fell into that category, making it the one After Dark Originals movie that I was looking forward to.

The concept was a nice twist on the normal vampire film, so it's a shame that was all wasted by such bad direction. I'm sure it's a just case of inexperience, but what a mess. The pacing was awful and when you add in the terrible camerawork with the sub-par acting, well you see where this is going.

I don't want to get too into the story, since the less you know going into it the better (hint: it's gotta twist ending. a terrible twist ending, but a twist ending none-the-less). What I will tell you is that a lot of the things we horror fans look for in our indy horror flicks just aren't here. The gore was way too implied. They would either cut away or use the shaky camera trick. The creature make-up was awful (see the picture below for proof of that). The characters were completely lame. I couldn't really give a damn about the main character. The asshole of the group wasn't big enough of an asshole. The promiscuous friend wasn't big enough of a whore. On top of that, there was no nudity whatsoever. Not that we're missing much. I mean, I wouldn't exactly call it an ugly cast, but they could have probably used an upgrade or at least cleaned them up a little.

I have to believe this movie had a really low budget, which makes me wonder what it could have been with an experienced director, some better actors and a little more cash.

My Rating4.5 / 10

I think After Dark making their own movies might have been a bad idea, though this is probably the best of the 3 that I've seen from this year's crop.

Not a bad rental, just don't expect much.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Blades (1989)

"Just when you thought it was safe to putt!"

Synopsis: People are showing up sliced and diced at Tall Grass Country Club. Norman, the owner of the club, wants to avoid undue publicity on the eve of the televised pro-am tournament, and encourages new pro Roy to get to the bottom of the killings quietly. Roy has a history of alcohol problems since he choked while playing a big tournament years before, and Kelly, who feels she should have been hired as the new pro, isn't making the situation easier for him, insisting they cancel the tournament until the killer can be stopped. After a seedy character named Deke Slater is arrested, the owner relaxes, but Roy and Kelly begin to feel that Deke's rantings about a runaway lawnmower aren't so far-fetched after all, and after Deke is released the three of them prepare for a battle to the death out on the uncharted fairways.

My Thoughts: Let me get this straight. Someone had an idea to make a "Jaws" rip-off and to replace the shark with a killer lawnmower at a golf course and he actually talked somebody else into giving him money to make it. That's good enough for me.

This wasn't really what I expected going in. The actors played it straight, no matter how ridiculous the situations got. I thought that was a strange way to go. The choice for the two lead actors was also a little off. They must have looked for the most boring people they could find. Their acting wasn't overly bad for this type of movie, just fuckin' blah.

The lawnmower scenes were kinda funny, especially when it had the balloons with the smiley faces hanging off of it (obviously, it doesn't take much to amuse me). It could have used a little more gore, but in the late 80's that's just how it was. The biggest problem I had was with the 1:40 running time, someone needed to edit this bitch. It would have helped this movie ...a little.

My Rating: 3.5 / 10

It's a movie about a killer lawnmower at a golf course. What can I say? Click on the link below to watch a 9 min. version and save yourself an hour & a half.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Siren (2010)

"Seduction is murder..."

Synopsis: A group of friends escaping the city for a weekend away have a simple plan, to tour the coast for a relaxing weekend. Things hit a snag when one of the friends spots a seductive, sultry young woman waving for help off the shore of one of many secluded islands along the coast. Reaching out to rescue her turns deadly and they risk everything to get off the island alive.

My Thoughts: I tried to like this movie. It had a couple hot chicks who didn't mind gettin naked, the acting was pretty decent, it was an original idea (there might have already been a horror flick involving 'sirens', but I can't remember one). The problem I had was about halfway through I started to get really aggravated. I don't know exactly what it was, but my guess is it was that annoying fuckin' song that the siren kept singing. I realize that sirens hypnotize people with their singing making it necessary to the plot, but still...

This was the late Andrew Hull's first feature film. The former British art director (P2, Get Over It) passed away soon after completing this movie. He showed promise here and it's a shame we'll never get to see what he could have done with better material.

Super-hot Aussie, Anna Skellern (Descent 2) helped me get through this during the slow parts and really is one of the only reasons to watch this one. Maybe someday I'll revisit this if I could find a way to overdub the siren's song with some old school Slayer tunes.

My Rating: 4 / 10

BTW, the DVD artwork that Lionsgate chose for this one is so fuckin' stupid (click here) and it gives me another reason to dislike this movie.

It's at the redbox and i guess it's maybe worth a buck.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deranged (1974)

a.k.a. Deranged: Confessions of a Necrophile
"Pretty Sally Mae died a very unnatural death! ... But the worst hasn't happened to her yet!"

Synopsis: A man living in rural Wisconsin takes care of his bed-ridden mother, who is very domineering and teaches him that all women are evil. After she dies he misses her, so a year later he digs her up and takes her home. He learns about taxidermy and begins robbing graves to get materials to patch her up, and inevitably begins looking for fresher sources of materials. Based closely on the true story of Ed Gein.

My Thoughts: One great thing I find about horror (more so than in other genres) is when you throw on a movie, no matter what your expectations are about it going in, there's always a chance that you'll find a true hidden gem. That being said, I still can't believe that this movie has eluded me all these years. I blame the horror movie review sites for not giving this film it's just due. You bastards! I won't be making that mistake.

I gotta say, this movie would be nothing without the performance of Roberts Blossom, who played Ezra Cobb. I couldn't remember where I'd seen him from so i looked him up. He was the old man at the beginning of "Christine" that sold Arnie the car. Anyway, he's fuckin' weird and extremely creepy ...and oh, did I mention completely insane? Blossom's so believable in this role and I think it's a shame that more horror fans don't talk this one up.

You would think that this movie would get some notoriety because of it being Tom Savini's first job as a make-up artist. Savini and his crew did a great job (considering how long ago this was made), especially on the corpses. They really helped add to the eerie mood of the film. It's a great start to his legendary career.

My Rating: 8.5 / 10

This is a must-own, especially for fans of the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". You can pick up the Midnite Movies double feature DVD from MGM on for under $7. A great deal considering that you'll also get "Motel Hell" on the flip-side.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Movies That I'm Dying To See: March 2011

...Here's some trailers for twelve of the horror flicks that I'm dying to see this year (in no particular order). Of course, there's a lot more. These are just the top of the heap.

.Coming Attractions
It's John Carpenter, enough said! Limited theatrical release on April 15th.

After seeing After Dark's two shitty SyFy channel releases ("Husk" and "51") my hopes for this one aren't as high, but it does look like the best of this year's Horrorfest offerings.

Supposedly it's loaded with tons of gore and naked chicks. DVD is being released on May 10th ...can't wait!

Cool lookin' vampire hunter flick from "Mulberry Street" director Jim Mickle and starring Danielle Harris. Limited theatrical release on April 22nd.

I missed the limited theater release (because I live in Las Vegas and it sucks here), so I guess I'll be waitin' forever for the DVD.

I'm a sucker for slashers, even high school slasher-comedies. I know, I need help.

What's it about? A mental patient escapes from an asylum seeking true freedom only to find horrifying insanity in the outside world. That's all I know.

A horror movie about scream queens, starring scream queens. Ahhh Yeah!

Remake of the 1980 exploitation classic. Will it be as good or as weird? I doubt it, but Rebecca De Mornay was cast as the mother I just gotta see this. Release date: April 1st.

The trailer has me sold, although a U.S. release will probably take forever.

I came across the trailer for this indy vampire flick completely by accident, Release date: No clue?

I've been waiting over 3 years to see this one, now it's personal. I really don't care if it sucks or not ...I will see this movie.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Frailty (2001)

"No Soul Is Safe."

Synopsis: Fenton Meeks (Matthew McConaughey), comes forth to tell the FBI that his brother Adam may be the serial killer who calls himself God's Hands, who the FBI has been searching for. The film uses flashbacks to show Meeks' childhood with a father (Bill Paxton) who believed he was on a mission from God to destroy demons that inhabit human bodies. Fenton saw his dad as evil, while Adam saw him as a hero.

My Thoughts: I've always been a fan of Bill Paxton. I'm not sure exactly why. It could be because a large percentage of the films that he's in are badass. It could be because he directed the "Fish Heads" video from Barnes & Barnes back in the day. Whatever it is, I guess a gotta non-sexual man crush on the guy. So What!

Frailty is basically a homage to both the directing of Alfred Hitchcock & the writing of Stephen King. With the help of a great cast (led by Paxton, with McConaughey and Powers Boothe ), this turned out to be a damn fine popcorn flick with a pretty good twist ending.

After watching "the making of" featurette, my only question is: Why doesn't Bill Paxton direct more movies? Besides the aforementioned "Fish Heads" video way back in 1980 and the golf movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" in 2005, this is all he has done. For that he gets a WTF! Maybe now that Big Love's finished up he can get back behind the camera.

My Rating: 7.5 / 10

Definitely worth a watch, especially for Bill Paxton fans or if you're into Stephen King.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Treevenge (2008)


Synopsis: Foul-mouthed lumberjacks descend on a hillside of trees, cutting them down and trucking them to Christmas tree lots where families paw them, pick one out, take it home, stick it in a stand, and decorate it. The trees experience terror throughout the ordeal: we hear their squeals of pain when axed or sawn, the emotion of separation from family and friends, the fear of the unknown, and the despair they feel during the strange and bizarre rituals of families at Christmas. On Christmas morning, the trees strike back. Man, woman, child, and pet may be in for a grisly end.

My Thoughts: What can I say about this soon-to-be Christmas classic? It's definitely gonna be a fixture in my holiday horror rotation for years to come. The baby's head squashing scene is one of the greatest kills of all-time.

Writer/director Jason Eisener took a totally fucked up idea, an idea that Troma probably wishes they thought of first, and made an amazing short film. Let's be honest, if this was turned into a feature there's a pretty good chance it would be crap. I doubt killer trees could hold my attention for 90 minutes. I guess we'll see if a "Hobo with a Shotgun" could when Eisener's Grindhouse mock-trailer gets turned into a full-length film later this year.

Okay, a Christmas themed horror/comedy about tree revenge might not be what most people look for on St. Patrick's Day, but I can't think of anything better to watch after downing a bunch of green beers.

My Rating: 8.25 / 10

Well worth 16 minutes of your time. Watch it here.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Manje (2007)

"Flesh is his feast and it's time to eat"

Synopsis: Nine friends decide to vacation in one of the most rural locations in the country in an attempt to end the mourning period of one of their beloved. Krista (Erica Franco) is dealing with the recent death of her father and relies on Marc (Chris Morgan, The Slaughterhouse Massacre) for comfort and protection. Unbeknownst to them a tenth member has joined the festivities, but with less joyous ideas in mind. When their friends start dying, Marc and Krista must unravel an old mystery to avoid becoming victims themselves.

My Thoughts: I picked this dvd up at one of the Hollywood Video going-out-of-business sales last summer for a quarter, so it would be almost impossible to feel cheated. Was it good? No, not really. It had it's moments though and never got too boring (which seems to plague a lot of these low budget horror movies).

The cover art completely misleads you into thinking that this is a zombie flick, even though it's really a slasher. The acting was hit and miss, the gore was totally cheesy and the killer well... his make-up was so fuckin' cheap that it looked like they used the stuff you would pick up at Wal-Mart for an 8 year old trick or treater.

The good points you ask, it had a couple. First of all, the story was actually pretty decent. It had a cool twist at the end. The guy that saved this movie from being a total disaster was Ray (David Moretti, Murder Dot Com) who plays a complete dick and had me rollin' throughout the movie. There would be no reason for these people to ever hang out with this piece of shit. His finest moment is when he has this chick (with one of the biggest racks ever in a horror flick) in bed with him and stops to try to sneak in a threesome. You gotta respect the guy for tryin'.

My Rating: 3.5 / 10

It's worth the 25 cents I paid for it. For a b-horror movie you could definitely do worse, but I probably wouldn't waste my time trying to find it.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Halloween (1978)

"The Night He Came Home!"

Synopsis: The year is 1963, the night; Halloween. Police are called to 43 Lampkin Ln. only to discover that a 17 year Judith Myers had been stabbed to death, by her 6 year-old brother. After being institutionalized for 15 years, Myers breaks out just days before Halloween. No one knows nor would wish to find out what would happen on October 31st 1978, besides Myer's physciatrist Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence). He knows Michael is coming back to Haddonfield, but by the time the town realizes it, it'll be to late for many people.

My Thoughts: John Carpenter is the greatest horror/sci-fi director of all-time. No offense to the Wes Craven fans out there, but I will never even argue that fact. All you would have to do for proof of that is check out his resume. Just wanted to throw that out there.

Slasher films are by far my favorite of the horror genre, so naturally this would be my favorite Carpenter flick (although "The Thing" and "The Fog" are damn close). As a slasher, this film is as good as it gets. It's got a great back-story, a perfect cast, Carpenter's incredible score and of course, the legendary Mr. Michael Myers.

As you probably know, this plays over & over on cable every Halloween. I've easily watched this movie over 50 times. You would think I'd be sick of it by now. I mean, I love "Friday the 13th", but I doubt I would love it as much if I'd seen it nearly that many times. What's the difference you ask? It's gotta be the music. Not only does it add to the suspense of the film, it also makes you feel like it's Halloween night. By now I know this movie almost line for line, so I can walk away from the t.v. and come back without missing a beat and when I do this movie makes for great background music. Kinda like putting on one of your favorite CD's when you're doing shit around the house. Now I ask you, what other horror flick can do that?

My Rating: 10 / 10

If you don't already own this one, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Long Weekend (1978)

"Their crime was against nature. Nature found them guilty."

Synopsis: The story concerns a couple, Peter (John Hargreaves) and Marcia (Briony Behets), who, along with their dog, go for a weekend camping trip. The pair show incredible disrespect for nature, such as polluting, killing an innocent dugong, throwing lit cigarette butts in dry bush, and spraying insecticide, among other transgressions. As tensions between the couple escalate, nature is not pleased with their environmental wrongdoing and starts to strike back, first by an eagle and possum attacking Peter, and then through more insidious means...

My Thoughts: This is probably the oldest Australian movie that I've seen to date, but apparently even back in the late 70's the Aussies really knew how to help the cinematography of their films by using their incredible landscapes. The only difference here is they filmed about half of it on the beach which was still amazing visually, but does hurt the overall creepiness of the movie. Obviously, it would have been easier for the director to shoot scarier scenes in the middle of the woods than on a secluded beach, so I give him credit for not going the easy route. Plus, I gotta admit all of those mysterious cries & screams coming from the water were a little unnerving.

The two lead actors are really good as the dysfunctional husband and wife. Peter starts off as your average inconsiderate married guy and Marcia is the typical bitchy wife. By the time the reasons behind their marital problems are revealed, the couple was almost completely unlikable and by the last twenty minutes you find yourself rooting for the animals to finish them off.

This was a slow mover, but it never put me to sleep and the acting was good enough to where you almost felt like you were listening in on a couple fighting at a bar. Which is always fun!

My Rating: 6 / 10

Worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of Aussie films yours truly. A remake was released in 2008 starring Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ, Highwaymen) under the title, "Nature's Grave" in the U.S.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Night Visitor (1989)

"Demons. Hookers. Ritual killings. Billy has a very vivid imagination. But what is real and what isn't? Only Billy and his teacher know."

Synopsis: High school student Billy Colton (Derek Rydall, "Phantom of the Mall" & "Popcorn") is spying on his sexy neighbor (Shannon Tweed, 1982 Playmate of the Year) one night when he witnesses her being murdered by a man in a robe and a demonic mask. Billy recognizes the man as Mr. Willard (Allen Garfield, Beverly Hills Cop 2) his unpopular history teacher, but the police do not believe him because he has a history of pranks.

My Thoughts: What we have here is a total "Fright Night" rip-off from producer, turned first time director, Rupert Hitzig. Oh wait, they did replace the vampires with a pair of satan worshipping brothers (played by Allen Garfield and the always weird Michael J. Pollard). IMDB has this movie listed as a comedy/horror, but I don't think the comedy was intended. Don't get me wrong, this movie is funny. The problem is there aren't any real jokes. It's the horrendous acting that makes this movie fuckin' hilarious. If anybody ever questioned why the lead actor, Derek Rydall disappeared from the acting world, all they have to do is catch a glimpse of this long-lost gem.

The strange thing is I sorta got a kick out of this goofy shit. I don't know what did it for me. Was it the horrible acting? ...the clueless directing? ...the ridiculous storyline? ...the unbelievably bad fight scenes? ...the corny 80's pop music?

Wait, I know what it was. It was the ending. After our hero saves the day, he finally gets the girl. He drives up to her house where she's sitting on the front steps with her dog, she jumps into his arms and they kiss. They get into his car and ride off into the sunset (with big stupid grins out their faces), both waving to the dog who is left alone on the steps. The End. An ending that truly has to be seen to be appreciated.

My Rating: 5 / 10

Overall, it's pretty fun in a fucked up kinda way and it never gets too slow or boring. Get it from Netflix and watch it with friends ...drunk friends.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Serbian Film (2010)

a.k.a. Srpski Film
"What he did for a living, now he is doing for his life"

Synopsis: Milos (Srdjan Todorovic), a retired porn star agrees to participate in an "art film" for a large sum of money in order to secure his family's future and make a clean break from the business. He soon discovers that he has been drafted by an insane director (Sergej Trifunovic) to make a pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.

My Thoughts: I saw this a couple months ago and I'm glad that I didn't review it right away. I think this one probably needed some time to sink in (and a re-watch), so I could get past the content and actually think about the movie itself. I say that because it's a really well made film. The production, the acting, even down to the music. It's a shame that most people will never be able to get past the gore. I guess I understand. If that stuff didn't already happen to me as a child, it might freak me out too.

Just kidding! But really, this is a damn good flick and as long as you don't eat a can of spaghetti-o's while you're watching it you should be fine. It's rare that a movie like this is made that wasn't produced for under a thousand bucks.

Also, I think that the foreign element in this movie helped in making you feel even more uncomfortable. Since I'm not familiar with that country, I find it easy to believe that this shit is really going on. Therefore, I will add Serbia to my list of places that I will never visit.

My Rating: 8.5 / 10

All kidding aside, this is one of the best films that I've seen so far this year. I'm not saying that I want every horror movie to take it to this extreme, but I do like this hard-core shit once in a while.

If you have a chance to see it, don't miss out. You might not like it, but at least you'll have a story to tell your friends.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Stupid Teenagers Must Die! (2006)

a.k.a. Blood & Guts
"Excessive Violence, Gratuitous Nudity, Zero Budget..."

Synopsis: It's the 1980's and a group of teenagers are getting together to hold a séance in a haunted house. All the typical 80's horror movie characters are there: the cool hero, the innocent girlfriend, the goth chick, the tough guy, the beautiful blonde girl, the shy guy in love with the beautiful blonde girl, a couple of lipstick lesbians and two big geeks. In true low budget 80's horror movie fashion, weird things start happening around the house. One dimensional characters are dying preposterously bloody deaths, girls are getting naked for no apparent reason and people walk into dangerous, pitch black rooms saying classic lines like, "Is someone in here?" As the poor, hapless kids are sliced and diced, it's up to our hero to lead the remaining survivors to safety before the house is filled with stupid dead teenagers.

My Thoughts: It's a good thing that the synopsis is so long because I really don't have much to say about this one. I understand what they were going for here and I do like my share of b-horror, but this movie didn't work for me at all.

It's supposed to be set in the 80's, so they throw a cheap Michael Jackson jacket on the black guy and make a reference to playing Atari. Sorry if I don't find that shit funny. The sound editing made it impossible to hear, which is one of my biggest pet peeves (you hear that Tim Sullivan, "Field of Screams" sucked balls!). The gore was so damn bad and not funny bad, just bad.

They probably shouldn't have even bothered with the comedy angle. Comedy is all about timing and these actors had none whatsoever. Using comedy in this is kinda like a fat kid in school making fun of himself first before someone else starts picking on him. A total cop out. I don't blame the fat kid, but I do blame the people in charge of making this movie.

Well, there you go. A shitty movie. A shitty review.

My Rating: 2 / 10

Learn from my mistakes and skip it at all costs.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bloody Birthday (1981)

"The nightmare begins with the kids next door"

Synopsis: In 1970, three children are born at the height of a total eclipse. Due to the sun and moon blocking Saturn, which controls emotions, they have become heartless killers ten years later, and are able to escape detection because of their youthful and innocent facades. A boy and his teenage sister become endangered when they stumble onto the bloody truth.

My Thoughts
: It being my birthday on Thursday of course I had to watch my favorite 80's horror flick. For a lot of people, the over-rated "Happy Birthday to Me" would have come to mind. I think for that one the poster (which is cool as hell) has given it a reputation of being a cult classic, because I wouldn't even say the actual film has a real cult following. I think most people either haven't seen it or don't really remember how long and drawn out it is. It's not the worst 80's slasher, but it does get way too much credit.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about "Bloody Birthday", which is very under-rated. I admit the premise isn't very original (a bunch a kids are born at the same time during an eclipse and they turn out fucked up when they're older), but the story never gets too slow and the kills are really creative. Though what really carries this film is the mean-ass little kids, led by Billy Jayne (Just One of the Guys, Parker Lewis). They are just such dirty little pricks, but in a fun way.

As if just killing people wasn't enough, they also like to get under their skin and terrorize them mentally ...and if you thought that being only 10 years old would stop them from being fuckin' perverts, you'd be wrong. At one point, the little girl (Elizabeth Hoy, Hospital Massacre) uses a hole in her older sister's (Julie Brown, The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun) closet for a peepshow charging her friends a quarter each, that is before shooting an arrow through her eye. [Tip: never look through a strange hole in your wall!]

My Rating: 8.25 / 10

I saw this at the drive-in when it came out 30 years ago. I was just about the same age as the kids back then, so I probably rooted them on. Nowadays all I keep thinking to myself throughout the movie is, "get those little fuckers". A sure sign of gettin' old, siding with the grown-ups.

Definitely recommended! Queue it up on Netflix for your next B'day ...and 80's horror fans, add it to your collection.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review: Creature Features (2000)

written by John Stanley

Description: The Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Movie Guide. The Ultimate Source of Intense Entertainment.

From Hammer horror to fluffy fantasy, from Tobe's chainsaws to Max's mad stunts, Creature Features presents critical and humorous reviews of science fiction, fantasy and horror films from every medium - features TV (network, syndicated, cable), and straight-to-video - like you've never seen before. Foreign films. Animated films. Silent films. Films you love. Films you hate. Films you forgot about. Films you didn't know about. Films that matter and films that splatter. Creature Features has all this and more:

- Thousands of capsulized reviews
- A five-star rating system
- Hundreds of obscure and rare titles
- Video and laserdisc distribution information (including mail-order)
- Cross-references to secondary titles, sequels, and tricky retitlings

My Thoughts: This is by far the best reference book that I've found for horror flicks. I know that's not saying much because it doesn't really have much competition, but Creature Features is a must-have for any horror fan. It's got tons of reviews. Most of them I completely disagree with, but that's just another reason why this book's so great. I sometimes find myself telling it to go fuck itself.

It was released over 10 years ago (in 2000) in the early days of dvd and before vhs was completely written-off, so it includes most of the early 80's forgotten classics and those lost mid-90's straight-to-video releases that will probably never be released on dvd. It's also got all of the classics goin' all the way back to the silent movie days.

I don't know how many times that I've cracked this book open and found a movie that I've totally forgot about or never even heard of, like Sawbones (the Roger Corman, Dr. Giggles rip-off from 1995). I went right to eBay and picked it up on vhs for under 3 bucks. I love this fuckin' book!

My Rating: 9 / 10

Do yourself a favor, get on or eBay and pick up a copy. You won't regret it.
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