We're back with a vengeance. Well, maybe not a vengeance ...but we are back with our biggest show yet!

We kick off episode #14 with a conversation with director Jennifer Lynch.

Followed by reviews of 10 films:

 Rich and I review...
~ 2011's 'Mary Horror' from director Ryan Weber
~ 2012's 'Killing Brooke' from director David Zagorski
  and 'Death Warmed Up' from 1984
~ The 1983 slasher 'The Final Terror' starring Darryl Hannah
~ The 1996 Japanese gore-fest 'Naked Blood'
~ Blue Underground's 'The Cannibal Man' from 1973
~ The unreleased 1990 exploitation flick 'Blood Games'
 and Jason reviews...
~ 2009's 'The Meat Grinder' from Thailand
  and the 80's sci-fi classic?, 'Midnight Movie Massacre'

 also we reveal Number 5 of our Top Ten Horror Films of All-Time.

...featuring the song, 'What Is This Thing Called Love' from Sierra Swan

...and music from 'Korpiklaani', 'Twisted Sister', 'Lin Shaye' , 'Siberian Meat Grinder', 'Pagan Babies' and 'The Cramps'

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