Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Traveler (2004)

"Caught with nowhere to run!"

Synopsis: Deep in the woods of Pennsylvania, a terrible evil is about to be unleashed. An old, ramshackle house with a violent past. Abandoned. Forgotten. Seven people will come to this house. Two are here by accident. The rest are here for thrills. They will all come face to face with a force darker and more horrifying than their worst nightmares. A being of incredible power and unspeakable malice. A being known only as? The Traveler.

My Thoughts: Like every Brain Damage Films release, The Traveler had an extremely low budget. Imdb listed it at around $15,000, which is amazing when you consider the amount of gore in this film. Don't get me wrong, not everything in this slaughterfest looks entirely realistic, but for that amount of money it's a real achievement.

It was written and directed by Jonathan R. Skocik who also played the lead, Alan Chesterson. A lot to take on for a first timer. Hell, he even did the special effects. The Traveler was Skocik's first and last film. It's a real shame he never gave it another shot.

The movie does start a little slow, but once The Traveler makes his first appearance and starts his twisted version of Survivor the action picks up. All of the acting is horrendous, but in a ridiculously funny way. They had to just be friends of Skocik because there's no way in hell that they're real actors (well maybe the guy who played The Traveler was, even though he was pretty terrible too).

My Rating: 5 / 10

Recommended for gore fans. It's included in one of those Mill Creek 50-movie box sets called "Tomb of Terrors", which I picked up from eBay for $12. I've watched about 8 of them so far and this is the only one that stands out. Plus, they crammed 4 or 5 movies on each DVD, so the transfers aren't too great either. I would suggest picking up the Brain Damage release for a couple bucks instead, unless you're really into low budget horror.

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  1. Never gave it another shot? Like hell I didn't! Check out the website for my latest film, "The Idea Thief."!


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