Monday, April 4, 2011

Respire (2009)

"Hold Your Breath"

Synopsis: The Ancient Romans believed that the soul escaped one's body with the last breath.  It was believed that last breath held the power to cure disease and prolong life.  In 1930's, Dr. Randolph Kaminsky (Timothy Dykes) devoted his life to finding out how to harness the power in the last breath. Susan Jordan (Tracy Teague) owns a local novelty shop.  One item in her shop, an antique box once owned by Dr. Kaminsky, draws the interest of two men: Raif Collins (Mathew J. Wright) who hopes it's contents can save his dying sister, and Alex Poe (Vince Eustace) whose motives are more mysterious. Susan quickly finds herself in a perilous struggle to protect the box and the secrets that it holds.

My Thoughts: If you're looking for a movie to throw on after having a few too many cocktails, I would definitely recommend picking something else. It's not that the story is overly complicated. It's that there's just so much going on that if you doze off for even a minute you're fuckin' lost. A mistake I made not once, but twice.

I have to give writer/directer David A. Cross (Ghostwatcher 1 & 2) a lot of credit. The plot was pretty imaginative and well thought out. It couldn't have been easy to make a movie that goes in so many different directions without any noticeable plot holes. Equally impressive is how he seemlessly blends in so many horror sub-genres into one film.

It's too bad Cross' talent as a director doesn't match his creative screenwriting, although he receives very little support from the cast. The acting and at times even the look of the film seemed to be right out of an episode of Gilmore Girls ...not that I watch Gilmore Girls. Some decent gore and a little skin could have probably helped, but appartently our director didn't agree.

My Rating: 5 / 10

Not perfect, but worth a watch.

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