Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rule of Three (2008)

"The things they did to her..."

: Rule of Three hits the ground running with Jon Morrow (Ben Siegler) losing himself in panic at the lack of police follow-ups in the investigation of his daughter's disappearance. She has been missing for weeks and what few clues there may be are getting colder with every minute lost. Jon obsessively packs a gun and returns to a motel room that was the last place his daughter had been seen. She never checked out.

My Thoughts: It's not very often that a low budget independent film comes around that is well written, well directed and well acted. After two successful years on the film festival circuit, Eric Shapiro's directoral debut was finally released on dvd in October 2010.

This thriller is directed more like a play than a feature film with the majority of it taking place in the same seedy motel room. The entire cast was incredible including the film's writer, Rhoda Jordan who played the missing daughter, Lo. Indy horror favorite, Tiffany Shepis also made a brief appearance and stold the show, as always.

My Rating: 8 / 10

Highly recommended. This is a great start for the husband & wife (Sharipo & Jordan) team. I just can't believe they met on the set of "Aquanoids". I mean, have you seen "Aquanoids"? Wow!

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