Sunday, July 24, 2011

Livestock (2009)

"Sit Back and Feed..."

Synopsis: A mysterious cult, known as 'The Pack', decide to promote one of their most loyal and hardest working members, Victor Corsi (Fiore Leo). Just as everything seems to be going Victor's way, his out of control underlings, who are growing tired of the monotony that goes along with following Victor's orders, make a foolish decision that can seriously effect his new position with 'The Pack'.

  Meanwhile, two friends, Annabel (Johanna Gorton) and Tina (Christina C. Crawford) are getting ready for a big night. Annabel is preparing for a date with a guy she met recently online, while Tina has a meeting that she hopes will lead to a great career opportunity.

  On this night, the lives of these three people will collide and the truth behind Victor's secret organization will be revealed.

My Thoughts: With his first feature film, Christopher Di Nunzio shows some promise. The indie filmmaker serves as the film's writer, director and producer. His story, though not original, has it's share of suspenseful moments. It throws a mafia twist on something we've seen before, Peter Medak's 'The Washingtonians' from the 'Masters of Horror' series comes to mind.

  I think the film's biggest downfall is the inexperience of the cast. Besides Fiore Leo, who stands out in the lead role, the majority of the actors didn't seem qualified enough to handle what was needed from them. This really becomes a problem during the dialog scenes between the female leads. If this were the average slasher flick it would've been fine, but this film tried to pull off a lot of dramatic scenes that just weren't very believable.

  The film does wrap up nicely and I did really enjoy how they decided to let the blood fly. The gore was well done for a lower budget film and got pretty extreme in the last few scenes.

My Rating: 3.5 / 10

  I do give the director credit for trying to make more than just another hack'em up slasher. I would say that fans of indie horror might wanna give it a look. I'll be on the lookout for more from Mr. Di Nunzio in the future to see if he can step up his game.

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