Monday, July 25, 2011

Frat House Massacre (2008)

"Rush Week just became Death Week!"

Synopsis: This twisted horror flick, by Alex Pucci (director of 2005's 'Camp Slaughter'), follows the lives of Sean (Chris Prangley) and his little brother, Bobby (Rane Jameson). Bobby just graduated from high school and was all set for college where he was to pledge his big bro's fraternity, Delta Iota Epsilon, when his van was struck by a drunk driver and he slipped into a coma. He remained comatose until the exact moment another tragedy struck back at the frat house, this time to his brother, Sean. After hearing of his brother's death, a fully recovered Bobby goes back to school and pledges his brother's old frat in order to find out the truth behind Sean's death and punish those responsible. Well, it doesn't take him long to put his plan into action by falsely befriending the guilty frat brothers, led by their psychotic president, Mark (Jon Fleming), who's into extremely demented hazing rituals and has no problem disposing of a few unwanted pledges (not to mention what he does to the co-eds).

My Thoughts: Going by the film's title and after watching the opening sequence, there was no doubt in my mind that this was gonna be a homage to the slasher films of the late 70's/early 80's. Well, it kinda is ...I guess? As the movie went on I got a sense that I was seeing something else, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then about 20 minutes in, it hit me. This is a 1970's exploitation movie! ...and not just an exploitation movie, but an exploitation-revenge movie (my favorite kind). This film comes as close to cloning the feel of a true exploitation film (without spoofing it) as I've ever seen. The two main reasons for it has to be the acting and dialog, which most of the time was dead on (for what I think the director was trying to accomplish).

I must admit, after the bloody scene at the beginning and the awesomely cheezy disco montage used during the opening titles, the film lags for a bit. After that, something just clicked and it completely grabbed my attention. I liked how the director changed directions during the film, so even though you knew who the killer was gonna be you had no idea what was coming next.

I thought this movie was really well cast and everyone fit their role, basically the assholes played great assholes. The gore was also well done. Of course, cheezy at times, but fitting with the aforementioned theme. I also have to give a thumbs up to the music. Getting Claudio Simonetti of the legendary band, Goblin ('Deep Red', 'Suspiria', 'Demons'), to score the film just adds the movie's effectiveness. One negative, while I liked the film's gratuitous nudity, I could have done with a lot less man ass how 'bout none.

My Rating; 8 / 10

I know most people will think this is complete garbage, but this movie isn't meant for those people. So I say, for lover's of old school movies like 'Massacre at Central High', 'Savage Streets' and 'Last House on the Left' ...this one's for you! A definite must see.

This film, made back in 2008, finally gets released on August 9th by Synapse films, but for those who can't wait you can pick up the director's cut dvd today from TLA releasing.

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