Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Feed (2010)

"There Is An Afterlife...And You Don't Want It."

Synopsis: The story involves a popular TV reality series, 'Ghost Chasers', which is preparing to begin it's fourth season on the air. To kick off the new season they've decided to broadcast their first show live from a historic movie theater in Pennsylvania, 'The Brenway'. Although the theater's current owner only claims to have witnessed some minor scares since inheriting the haunted movie house, it doesn't take the 'Ghost Chasers' crew very long before they get way more than they bargained for.

My Thoughts: 'The Feed' is what everyone really wants to see when they turn on one of those ghost investigation shows on the sci-fi channel. Basically, you finally get to see some freakin' ghosts. I'm not at all a fan of those programs or reality shows in general, so why did actually enjoy this? I liked the way the film's creator, Steve Gibson, set up the film by adding a documentary of the Brenway theater. This not only gave you a real idea of why the hauntings were taking place, but also in a way turned the theater into the film's lead character. Not to mention, I've always been a big fan of horror movies that are filmed in old movie theaters.

What separates this movie from the tons of other reality show horror films out there? Probably the way they decided to go at the reality angle head on ...commercial breaks and all. Adding the commercials to the 'Ghost Chasers' broadcast helped give the film an even more realistic feel and also adding a little comic relief to the otherwise 100% serious horror flick. Lloyd Kaufman's cameo as the personal injury lawyer, J.D. Woodley, was genius.

As far as the acting goes, you get the normal hit and miss performances that you'd expect in a lower budget film. It never got to the point where it distracted me from the story, which is the movie's biggest strength. I was impressed by how well-written and detailed they were with the theater's history, especially with the documentary at the beginning of the film.

One of the film's problems, which is something that couldn't be helped, were the scenes which involved the ghosts. I guess it's kind of a catch-22 for the director. In a movie like this, one of the biggest complaints is that they never show the ghosts enough. Because of that, I won't complain about how (in my opinion) they showed the ghosts a bit too much and took away from the film's suspense. You can't please everyone.

My Rating: 7 / 10

Overall, I had a good time with this movie. With the use of some good writing and a few fresh ideas, they took a not so original premise and turned it into a fairly original horror film. If you're into ghost stories and/or reality shows, you'll definitely have a lot of fun with this one. The 2-disc DVD is loaded with extras, including a behind the scenes look at their trip to Troma studios and the filming of Lloyd Kaufman's cameo.

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