Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Madness Has Arrived!

Horrorphilia's Much of Madness/More of Sin #16 

In this 4-hour monster of a podcast, we cover the 1971 so-bad-it's-TERRIBLE killer catfish movie, 'Zaat'

...Phil Herman's 2008 crap-tastic masterpiece, 'Into The Woods' from Lost Empire Films (...really, this movie is f#ckin' hilarious!)

...Jess Franco's 'Jack the Ripper' from 1976, starring Klaus Kinski

...the still unreleased 1985 slasher, 'The Deadly Intruder', with Danny Bonaduce

...the 1993 creature feature, 'Ticks''s KNB EFX at their gory best! (available only on VHS or Region 2 DVD)

...and the practically unknown Spanish vampire film, 'The Vampires' Night Orgy' from 1974

We dive into 2 new anthologies from World Wide Multi Media'Treasure Chest of Horrors' and 'Theatre of the Deranged' well as take a look at James Cullen Bressack's new film, 'Hate Crime' from Psykik Junky Pictures

Horrorphilia Jason chimes in with reviews of 2012's 'The Tale of the Voodoo Prostitute' from Brain Damage Films ...and the 1989 (sort of) slasher flick, 'Slashdance'

There's also a preview of our new indie horror podcast 'Much of Madness: Indie Assault' which features reviews of Lance Henriksen's new film, 'It's in the Blood' from Monomyth Films ...and 'Gut', coming soon from Gut Productions 

...and we finish up the episode with the #4 of our 'top ten horror films of all-time'.

Music by: 'Adam Hirbod''Texas Hippie Coalition', 'Testament''Mazzy Star' & 'The Cramps'

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