Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast #10

We kick off 2012 with reviews for the 1990 killer baboon flick ‘Shakma’, 1973′s ‘Cannibal Girls’ from Ivan Reitman, 1978′s ‘The Fury’ from Brian DePalma, 2002′s ‘Spliced’ (a.k.a. The Wisher), the forgotten slasher ‘Moonstalker’ from 1989, and an underrated film from 1981 called ‘The Pit’.

We also cover Vince D’Amato’s ‘Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan’ from creepysixfilms.com and continue the countdown of our top 10 horror movies of all-time with #8.

Music by: 'Dead Girls Corp.', 'Hocico' and 'The Cramps'

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