Saturday, December 24, 2011

Episode #9 Is Alive! It's Alive!

Horrorphilia's 'Much of Madness/More of Sin' 1st Annual Holiday Special

What better time than the holidays for all you horror fans to come get your 'Frank' on. Join us as we cover the 100-plus year history of Frankenstein films ...with reviews of Universal's 1931 'Frankenstein' starring Boris Karloff, Hammer's 1966 classic 'Frankenstein Created Woman' starring Peter Cushing, 1970's 'Dracula vs. Frankenstein' starring Lon Chaney, 1981's 'Frankenstein Island', Roger Corman's 'Frankenstein Unbound' from '90, the 1993 TV version of 'Frankenstein' starring Randy Quaid as the monster and a modern day version from 2004 starring Parker Posey & Michael Madsen.

We're also joined by the 'Mavens of Horror' who take on 1971's 'Lady Frankenstein', 1976's 'Terror of Frankenstein', the 1999 comedy 'Rock n Roll Frankenstein' and the 2009 Japanese splatter flick 'Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl'.

We apologize for some of the background noise during the first 10-15 minutes of the show, Dr. Frankenstein was on the roof with Igor doing some repairs and messed with our antenna.

Music by: 'Alice Cooper', 'The Mansfields', 'The Edgar Winters Group', 'Oingo Boingo' and 'The Cramps'

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