Thursday, October 27, 2011

PollyGrind Announces It's Winners!


  • Features: The Big 3

  • The Biggest Baddest Mother of the PollyGrindThe Bunny Game (Directed by Adam Rehmeier / Written by Rodleen Getsic & Adam Rehmeier / produced by Rodleen Getsic, Sarah Rehmeier, and Adam Rehmeier)
    Best Horror Film - The Super (Written & Directed by Evan Makrogiannis & Brian Weaver / Produced by Alex Lugones)
    Best Exploitation Film - Dear God No! (Written & Directed by James Bickert / Produced by James Bickert, Robin Gray, Olivia LaCroix, Nik Morgan and Shane Morton)

  • Best of the Rest:

  • Best Experimental Film - Zooey & Adam (Sean Garrity)
    Best Action Film - 25K (Billy Chase Goforth)
    Best Crime Film - Ratline (Eric Stanze)
    Best Dark Comedy - The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol (Aramis Sartorio)
    Best Documentary - Run Run It's Him (Matthew Pollack)
    Best of Zombiepalooza - Ashes (Elias Matar)

  • Best in Categories:

  • Best Sound DesignThe Bunny Game (Adam Rehmeier)
    Best DirectorThe Super (Evan Makrogiannis / Brian Weaver)
    Best ScreenplayButterfly (Edward E. Romero)
    Best CinematographyThe Bunny Game (Adam Rehmeier)
    Best Editing - The Bunny Game (Adam Rehmeier)

  • Best in Acting:

  • Best Overall Individual Performance in a Film - Rodleen Getsic as Bunny in The Bunny Game
    Best Overall Cast - Demetri Kallas as George Rossi, Lynn Lowry as Maureen Rossi, Ron Braunstein as Det. Sardusky, Manoush as Olga, Ruby Larocca as Karen, Edgar Moye as Andre, Brandon Slagle as Franny the Tranny, with David Francis Calderazzo, Bill McLaughlin, Raine Brown and Kathryn Zawiski in The Super

  • Best Actor — Aramis Sartorio as Tommy Pistol in The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol
    Best Actress — Mandi Kreisher as Laney Darrow in Butterfly
    Best Supporting Actor - Brett Hundley as Tommy Spioch in Frankie in Blunderland
    Best Supporting Actress - Manoush as Olga in The Super
    Best Cameo Appearance — Evan Stone as The Butterfly in Frankie in Blunderland

  • Best Use of:

  • Best Use of Nudity/SexualityPlanet of the Vampire Women (Darin Wood)
    Best Use of Violence/GoreSella Turcica (Fred Vogel)
    Best Use of MusicRatline (Eric Stanze)

  • Films with the Most

  • Most OutrageousThe Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol (Aramis Sartorio)
    Most CreativeMondo Sexxxx: The Terry Kobrah Story (Logan Myers)
    Most Innovative - The Earl Sessions (Ginnetta Correli)
    Most Heart - The Girl Who Wasn't Missing (Shane Ryan)
    Most Cool - El Monstro Del Mar (Stuart Simpson)

  • Shorts, Music Videos and Trailers:

  • Best Exploitation ShortThy Kill Be Done (Greg Hanson / Casey Regan)
    Best Action ShortRed Princess Blues (Alex Ferrari)
    Best Crime ShortDot Got Shot (Honey Lauren / Carlos Ramos Jr.)
    Best Experimental Short - The Freight 4 (Ryen McPherson)
    Best Horror Short - Acro-Love (Ron Rierson)
    Best of Zombiepalooza - Axed (Joshua Long)
    Best Dark Comedy - Killer Bra (Yakov Levi)
    Best Music VideoDirty Girlz by Dan Diamond featuring Mike E. Clark (Jimmie Gonzalez)
    Best Fake TrailerWacko Jacko (Moe Irvin)
    Best Real Trailer - Bettie Page Reveals All (Mark Mori)
    Best Actor - Jakob Von Eichel as Sam in Damn Your Eyes
    Best Actress - Brooke Lewis as Maura in Sprinkles
    Best Director - All Flowers in Time (Jonathan Caouette)
    Best ScreenplayKitty Kitty (Michael Medaglia)

  • Audience Awards:

  • Favorite FeatureDear God No! (James Bickert)
    Favorite Short FilmKuriosity Killz (Trey McGriff)
    Favorite Music VideoCemetery Pogo by The Secretions (Jonathan Morken)
    Favorite TrailerElectric (Crystal Stranger)
    Favorite Special Showcase — Yakov Levi (Shorts: Shameless, Tasteless; Promos: Penisella 1 and 2)

  • Special PollyGrind Awards:

  • Bad Girl Award — Beverly Lynne as Janis Drake in The Atonement of Janis Drake
    Ultimate Badass Award — Ezra Buzzington in Breath of Hate
    Director to Watch Out For - Alex Ferrari for Red Princess Blues

  • Still Got It Awards:

  • Directing - Herschell Gordon Lewis for The Uh-oh Show
    Acting - Camille Keaton in Sella Turci

  • PollyGrind

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