Friday, August 5, 2011

Horrorphilia's Much of Madness/More of Sin Podcast: Episode #5

We're back with Episode #5 of Horrorphilia's 'Much of Madness/More of Sin' podcast. In this episode, we review the 1983 killer snake movie, 'Spasms' ...2003's direct-to-video sequel, 'The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting' ...the 1974 zombie classic, 'The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue' ...John Landis' 1992 vampire comedy, 'Innocent Blood' ...and both of the Dick Maas killer elevator flicks, 1983's 'The Lift' and 2001's 'The Shaft'.

We also run down some of the new stuff that's rumored to be in production and discuss Gris Grimly's 2007 indie short, 'Cannibal Flesh Riot!'.

Music by: 'Hola Ghost', 'Iggy Pop' and 'The Cramps'

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